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best-online-degreesA survey in 2011 conducted by the Babson Survey Research Group has shown that over six million higher education students take at least one online course during the year. This survey for online learning has confirmed that over one third of all students have some sort of online education.

Since then, the number of students taking some sort of online education has been able to grow even further. Some experts even say that the growth is so big that the rate is 10 times higher than the growth rate in all other higher education programs.

Bearing this in mind, one might say that at this rate, sooner or later all higher education will be online. The climate for online education has improved even further since then and now, there are many degrees you can get online in fields like business, engineering, information technology and many others. Getting an online degree can allow you to explore another career choice or advance at your current job position, but if you are having troubles choosing the right program, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are some of the best programs we have chosen based on important factors such as salary, the demand for that degree and job satisfaction.   

1- Online Master’s Degree in Business Administration

business-administrationWith the starting median salary being more than $90,000 and many industries claiming that it can go even higher, this degree is certainly very attractive. Over 65% of fresh MBA graduates have many job offers upon their graduation. This kind of degree provides careers with many advancement opportunities, more money and higher expertise.

Online MBA degrees usually include courses like finance, information systems, economics, management and marketing. These kinds of degrees also cover skills like human resources, leadership and management skills. MBA programs last two years and some can even be completed in one year. The specialties included are health administration, information security, applied computer sciences, marketing, engineering, information security management, technology management and international business practices. 

2- Online Master’s Degree in Finance

financeThe Bureau of Labor Statistics has shown numbers that predict the employment growth rate to be around 23 % from 2010 to 2020, while the current median salary for positions like financial analysts starts at around $76,000. Master’s degree graduates in finance have a key competitive edge in fields like corporate finance, financial management, retail and commercial banking, managing finance of companies and organizations and stock broking.

There are many employers looking for workers who have a master’s degree in MBA or finance. People who have experience can get the opportunity to become a portfolio manager and be the main supervisor of analyst teams. With this degree, a person can work for pension funds, banks, mutual funds, security companies and other business. Financial analysts who do their job successfully usually become associates or senior financial analysts after three or four years.    

3- Online Master’s Degree in Human Resources

human-resourcesThe median salary for human resources managers in May 2011 was around $99,000 and the estimated employment growth rate from 2010 to 2020 is predicted to be around 12 % (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Human resource managers who work in small companies are obligated to position assignments, hire people, resource allocation, training, benefits, compensation, health and safety tasks and dealing with regulations and laws which affect employees at the workplace.

In big companies, their role is much more specialized and, if a person wants to get to a high profiled management position, he or she will have to get an MBA as well. These programs cover areas like finance, labor economics and business law, while students who attend these courses take a lot of case studies. The program usually lasts around 2 years.

4- Online Master’s Degree in Marketing

marketingThe median salary is around $120,000 for marketing managers and $60,000 for marketing research analysts. The estimated employment growth rate for marketing managers is around 14 % and, for Market research analysts, 41 % from 2010 to 2020 (BLS). Students with a master’s degree in marketing get the necessary skills to create brand power by studying many concepts, theories, principles, and brand terminology for equality and management.

Students learn about target market identification, product development, message strategy, media choice and qualitative and quantitative marketing research methodologies. Graduates of these programs have the knowledge to manage marketing strategies, market research, pricing, product development and sales of a certain company.   

These degrees have been nothing but hot in the last 5 years, and likewise there is constant growth in students attending these programs. But don’t think that 


video-game-design-programsIt can be very hard to find an appropriate online game design program that isn’t too expensive, that is accredited, and that offers quality education with a prestige degree. Most students don’t want to sacrifice any of these aspects of their online education. It is true that one of the biggest perks of online education is that it’s more affordable than most other options, however, you cannot afford wasting time and money on programs that won’t teach you enough to land your dream job.

If you plan on becoming an online game design student, then you have come to the right place, as this list will help you narrow your choices down. These schools offer some of the best programs out there while keeping their online tuition costs to a minimum.

1- Baker College – Online Game Software Development Bachelor of Computer Science

baker-collegeThe game software development program at Baker College can help anyone with determination get ready for most entry-level positions available in the industry. Their rigorous curriculum covers a wide range of software engineering, programming technologies, and the greatest and latest trends in the game development industry.

All of their online students truly benefit from their comprehensive academic experience and the learning curve of the whole program is well designed. They have excellent reviews and testimonials from former students and graduates making Baker College our top choice for video game design programs. 

2- Sanford Brown – Online Animation Technology Degree

sanford-brownThis is a very popular online college that offers many campuses and virtual classes throughout many U.S. states. The animation technology online program they offer will provide all students with foundational knowledge they will need to effectively create short animated works.

The first part of the program focuses on exploring the artistic talents of each student with traditional methods, and after, it focuses on special effects, animation and implementing talents on the digital screen.

3- Art Institute of Phoenix – Game Art & Design Bachelor of Arts Online

ai-phoenixThe institute based in Phoenix isn’t just for fashion designers and photographers. In fact, most of the programs at this school are more focused on tech and computer learning. This degree of designing and programming offers the best and latest knowledge on digital imagining, texture mapping, 2D animation, 3D modeling and digital storytelling.

According to their website, they “live for creativity”. If you’re looking for a program that focuses more on the artistic side of video game design, the Art Institute of Phoenix would be a great choice.

4- Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Game Design & Programing Online

ai-pittThe Art institute in Pittsburgh can teach its students the fundamentals of game design and art – color, drawing and design. After that, it focuses on developing animation skills such as scriptwriting, character design, game design and storyboarding.

Some other courses include the basics of 2D and 3D modeling, scripting, physics, texture mapping and animation. That way, should you decide that you want to switch up your major, you’ll have many options in your related field to prevent wasted credit hours.

5- Devry University – Online Web Game Programming Degree Specialization

devry-uThis course is very popular with online learners, adults, and especially with people who have interest in technology and computer science. If you are looking to make addicting online games, this university offers specialization in web game programming and includes a wide range of multimedia design knowledge in its curriculum.

Students will get excellent training in animating movies, creating sound effects and graphic images as well.

6- Daniel Webster College – Online Game Design and Development Degree

daniel-websterMost of the students that choose this college do so because of their degree that offers expertly combined knowledge of artistic design and applying it with modern technologies. Daniel Webster College offers two complementary degrees, depending on your specialty: one about game programming and the other in game design. This allows the people who take different courses to collaborate and expand their knowledge.

They also offer an online MBA program, should you choose to further your education after a Bachelor’s Degree (learn more about the benefits of a Master’s Degree)

7- Westwood College – Software Development Program

westwood-collegeIf you have an interest both in game design and software development, you should definitively pay close attention to Westwood College. The experts at Westwood know that products like PlayStation and Xbox owe their success to software engineers, and this is why they created a program that includes the essentials of architecture, graphics, computer assembly information and programing.

Check out their ridiculously cheesy, yet hilarious video game program commercial:

8- Franklin University – Interactive Media Design Degree Program

franklin-uThe Franklin University offers a degree in interactive media design that can help game designers gain a significant advantage when working in the field. Instead of just focusing on one gaming aspect, the classes at Franklin also include management and artistic aspects, enabling their graduates to create interesting products and effectively manage teams during the process.

9- Rasmussen College – Game & Simulation Programming Bachelor’s Degree

rasmussen-collegeRasmussen College offers a Bachelor’s degree program that lasts over three years. The curriculum is customized for each student’s specific needs. The faculty members are distinguished experts who can share the knowledge they gained during their careers in game development and even help students acquire industry certifications. 

This college also offers virtual labs for hands-on learning as well as internship opportunities for program graduates.

10- Guilford Technical Community College – Simulation and Game Development Program

guilford-techThis program’s main goal is to illustrate all the implications interactive media has on culture, economy and society. The curriculum offers a wide range of game development knowledge, while students learn the necessary programing skills which they need to create interactive media for consumer and educational purposes as well.

The school offers various AAS (Associate of Applied Science) and certificates in computer and video game technologies.

This wraps-up our top 10 video game design programs of 2016. With video game consumption and use being higher than ever, you can be sure the demand for design professionals will not be going away anytime soon either. Start by narrowing your options to a few schools and programs and remember to take into account financial aid opportunities, learning styles, program difficulty, etc., before choosing your online video game design program.


information-technologyOnline and distance learning have provided us with a great way of acquiring specific degrees without having to physically be on campus. With this way of learning, anyone can get a degree from literally anywhere in the world.

Since universities have administered this option, they have added a few new programs each year. One of those programs is Information Technology and, each year it is becoming better and better. With that in mind, here are the best online Information Technology programs of 2016:

1- University of Southern California

uscUniversity of Southern California offers an online information technology program for graduate-level students. This program has been ranked number one on the News & World Report list of best online information technology programs. Online classes are taught by the same faculty that teaches on-campus, which secures the same level of education for all students.

Moreover, those classes are recorded and archived. This means that the students can always access them and use them for learning or reference. Furthermore, online learning at this university implies that they have on-campus classrooms that are equipped with the latest technology meant for online teaching.

2- Virginia Tech

vtechThe second year in a row, Virginia Tech’s online Information Technology program earned the second place ranking in the US News & World Report list of best online IT programs. The program is offered collaboratively by Virginia Tech’s College of Engineering, and Pamplin College of Business. Courses are lead by the same faculty that teaches on-campus, and all degrees are equal.

Also, the courses are taught live. That means with this online program, you get the best of both worlds of a live class with an online experience. Many people are finding this education strategy more effective, making VT one of the best online IT degree options moving into 2016. 

3- Boston University

boston-uBoston University offers great degree programs in IT, as well as certificate programs. Online students are given the same services as all other students. Even better, the student-professor ratio is a mere 15:1, which means that the quality of classes is very good. The IT graduate program provides several specific programs concentrating in Data Analytics, IT project management, Health Informatics, Computer Networks – to name a few.

4- Pennsylvania State University – World Campus

penn-statePenn State’s World Campus offers both undergraduate and graduate programs to its students. According to their website, it would be best if the students were employed or had previous experience in the IT field of study, or if they want to continue their education. However, even though it is suitable, it is not necessary for enrollment.

The online programs at Penn State incorporate BSc in Information Science and Technology, Undergraduate certificate in Information Sciences and Technology, and an Associate in Science in Information Sciences and Technology.

5- Johns Hopkins University

jhuJohns Hopkins has Information Systems Engineering program through the Whiting School of Engineering. There are seven specialty areas from Software Engineering to Human Computer Interaction. The courses are taught by professionals such as engineers, and other people from the industry, as well as the government and military. 

With over 21,000 current part-time and full-time students, the university continues to rise in popularity and enrollment every year.

6- Auburn University

auburnThis online degree program combines traditional and modern learning. The classes are taught in a traditional way, but they are posted online or through video streaming. The online and offline faculty is the same.

All the professors have years of experience and are well respected. Auburn University offers Undergraduate and Graduate degrees, as well as professional and personal enrichment programs.

7- North Carolina State University

ncsuOnline classes at the North Carolina State University are taught online, but they are still the same as on-campus classes. Even the faculty is the same. The classes are taught on-campus while the technical team captures them and puts them online for those students who are using distance learning.

Moreover, courses follow the semester schedule, but the students can view them whenever they find the time.

8- Sam Houston State University

shsuThis University offers a Master of Science in Information Assurance and Security degree via online learning. They have a few requirements in order to enrol in this program. For example, if you have completed an undergraduate Computer Science or Management Information Systems major or minor, you would be a perfect candidate for this program, as stated on their website.

Furthermore, the program prepares its students for professional careers in their related field. They also provide great opportunities for paid internships and even full-time employment positions after graduation. 

9- Pace University

pace-uOnline courses follow the semester schedule; however, they are independent in terms of when the student will listen to the lectures or study the lessons. Except being online, nothing else is different. The courses are the same, as well as the faculty.

Additionally, the degree is equal with the normal degree taken at Pace University campus. The University is known for having excellent student services for online learners, as well as having flexible programs. The name of the university is very fitting; they allow you to pace yourself just as if you were running a race. If you are like most people and would rather be on your own schedule rather than someone else’s, PU might be a great option.

10- Syracuse University

syracuseAt the Syracuse University, all students share the same level of degree, whether they are studying on campus or online. The only difference is the way in which the students take the classes and learn. As with previous universities, online courses are taught by the same professors who teach on-campus.

The Master of Science in Information Management degree program prepares the students for a professional future, with knowledge on how to effectively use information and communication technologies.


medical-assistant-programsThe global need for medical assistants is expected to grow 35-45% percent over the next decade (1). With this in mind, pursuing a medical assistant career would be a smart move to make. Not only does this career provide you with ample job opportunities, but it’s also quite rewarding.

Medical assistants are important members of any healthcare team, and you’ll be welcomed in all types of medical institutions. On the other hand, this kind of job is quite demanding and will require you to develop a wide range of skills in order to become a true professional.

Conveniently, there are many online colleges offering medical assistant programs that you can explore to find the right match. We’ve put together a top 10 list of the top medical assistant programs of 2016 to help get you started: 

1- College of Health Care Professionals

college-of-healthcare-professionsThis widely known Texas-based school offers both online and campus based education. They offer seven campus locations across the state of Texas and a blossoming online program. You can go either with a Healthcare Management degree or an Associate of Applied Science in Medical Assisting. When it comes to in-field experience, you can get it in a locally supported campus near you. 

Here’s what their CEO has to say about the booming healthcare industry:

2- Harrison College

harrison-collegeThis highly respected college offers a very diverse program. The Harrison College program for medical assistants lasts two years, and they have a 96 credit program…at the end of which you’ll become highly desirable to prospective employers.

Whether you’re interested in office procedures, administering, laboratory tests, vital signs, therapeutic modalities or ECG machine training, you’ll encounter proficiency and a great educational system at Harrison College. They also offer 14 great scholarships to help bring down or eliminate your tuition costs.

3- Liberty University

liberty-universityThe online sector of this school is the largest non-profit university – Liberty University offers over 250 different majors you can attend online.

From students who gained basic certifications to the ones who mastered doctoral level degrees, Liberty University boasts over 90,000 healthcare professionals worldwide. 

4- Kaplan University

kaplan-universityBeing one of the first fully accredited universities, Kaplan University offers an exceptional learning experience. Students that enroll here often develop their careers promptly after they successfully finish the 92 credit program in medical assistance.

Kaplan University is a high-ranked school that offers a very diverse program, and they have developed a reputation as one of the premier universities for educating serious professionals. They also offer special tuition rates for military members and veterans. 

5- Keiser University

keiser-universityKeiser University is accredited by the “The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges”, and their program really offers a lot to its students. If you enroll here, you’ll be able to listen to classes online and attend training later on in one of Keiser’s fourteen campuses.

As far as their training goes, Keiser University allows its students to take vital signs, venipuncture, laboratory assistance, injections and much more.

6- Herzing University

herzing-universityThis University has a long history of accreditation that came from the “Medical Assisting Education Review Board” and the  “Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools”. If you go with Herzing University, you should expect to spend up to five semesters in order to gain an Associate’s Degree and about two more for the Herzing diploma program.

Their education system is widely supported, so you’ll be able to find a campus near you when it’s time to finish your training.  

7- Ultimate Medical Academy

uma-tampaThe Ultimate Medical Academy program prepares students for a variety of medical professions. Regardless of whether you want to pursue a career in administration or in healthcare, you’ll be able to earn your diploma at the Ultimate Medical Academy.

This academy offers an amazing learning environment that produces capable professionals in a number of different medical fields. They also boast that 9 out of 10 of employers who have hired a UMA graduate said they would indeed hire another. Will that be you?

8- Penn Foster College

penn-fosterTheir friendly environment will allow you to take your time and learn at your own rhythm, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t hold themselves to the highest standards – quite the contrary. Penn Foster College is accredited by the “Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools”, and you should also know that they are about 80 percent cheaper than the other schools in their rank, which lowers your costs significantly, especially if you decide to study online.

Penn Foster is also licensed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Private Licensed Schools and accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council in Washington, DC (202-234-5100) (2).

9- Midway College

midway-collegeFounded in 1847, this school nurtures a long tradition of creating highly qualified and dedicates medical experts. Their highly respected education system offers associate, bachelor and graduate level degrees, and they are quite flexible when it comes to transferring credits, in case you decide to switch to another medical field.

Midway College also boasts a 15:1 student-to-faculty ratio. Smaller classes means your professor can better assist you with your questions and learning.

10- Florida Career College

florida-career-collegeIn any of the many campuses this college has to offer, you’ll be able to make the first steps in what will be a promising medical career. However, if you want to enroll, you’ll need to do some homework first and prepare well. The investment of extra time and effort will be worthwhile though, as a degree from this college is sure to open a few doors for you. 

They have specialized in career training since 1982 and continue to offer programs according to industry needs.

These are some of the best medical schools worldwide, and if you have intentions of pursuing a medical career, this can be a great place to start your research. 


Healthcare informatics is a growing field and because of that, the demand for specialists has been growing as well. There is a great need for those people who can be mediators between patients, hospitals and insurance companies.

Moreover, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be a high demand and a lot of job openings for medical billing and coding technicians from 2012 to 2022. That jump will be up to 22%. Another factor influencing this jump in employment, is also the enactment of the US Affordable Care Act.

Therefore, going into the field of medical billing and coding would be a great career choice. It would be the right thing to do, especially when you look at it in the long run. In order to enter this field, candidates must have certified degrees or certificates.

Luckily, there are many programs being offered right now. Some of them are on private universities, others are in public ones. Additionally, some programs are traditional, while others are done online. Those online programs are a good choice if you want to gain practical experience at the same time. The online courses give you flexibility with your time and enable you to both learn and practice.

However, selecting the right program can be tough. So we decided to make it easier for you by creating this list of the best online medical coding and billing programs…all of them are great educational opportunities and you will get the best out of each one:

1- Kaplan University

kaplan-universityThe university offers a Medical Billing and Coding Certificate program through which professionals will be trained to deal with patients’ records. With this certificate, you will be able to work in the healthcare industry, in places such as doctors’ offices, hospitals, nursing homes, and insurance companies.

In addition to gaining all the necessary knowledge about billing, medical terminology and other things, you will also have practical training before graduating.

2- Keiser University

keiser-universityKeiser University offers an Associate of Science degree in Medical Administrative Billing and Coding, where students will learn about the administrative work related to health care. This means that the students will learn about insurance claims, reimbursement and compliance. They also only offer one class at a time that you take for about four weeks. Focusing only on one class, combined with small class sizes ensures easy access to professors and provides more of a hands-on education.

Their main campus is located in Fort Lauderdale, FL with additional campuses located in Daytona Beach, Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Lakeland, Melbourne, Miami, Orlando, Pembroke Pines, Port St. Lucie, Sarasota, Tallahassee, Tampa, West Palm Beach, and of course, their ever-growing online program.

3- Herzing University

herzing-universityThe University offers AS degree in Insurance Billing and Coding. After acquiring the degree, the students can work in hospitals, insurance companies or doctor’s offices.

Moreover, the school offers exclusive internship opportunities, which serve as great practice for the acquired skills. This is something that shouldn’t be overlooked, as finding internships after graduating can be very challenging. 

4- Penn Foster Career School

penn-fosterPenn Foster is accredited by six different organizations, which proves this a high quality school. They have several different levels of degrees and subjects, one of their recently most popular is the medical billing and coding program. In this program, the students are taught according to the ICD-9 and ICD-10 standards. What is more, the students are prepared for careers in the healthcare industry.

Penn Foster also offers great programs in the medical assistant industry as well.

5- Drexel University

Drexel’s Medical program prepares the students for taking three exams: Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist, Certified Professional Coder, and Certified Coding Specialist. Furthermore, the students learn three coding scripts: CPT, HCPCS and ICD-9-CM. 

Their bachelor’s degree holders rank in the top 13 percent nationally for mid-career salaries 10+ years after graduation. They averaged earning almost $18k/year more than bachelor’s degree holders from comparable institutions. (1)

6- Ultimate Medical Academy

uma-tampaWith UMA’s program, you will learn the insurance billing process, software applications, and other things. Moreover, their website says that you will learn to interpret medical terms into the codes used for billing. The Academy offers two types of programs, an associate degree and a diploma program.

There are a few differences between the programs in terms of how much they last and the amount of learning being done. Those students who choose to get a diploma can continue their education at UMA in order to upgrade themselves to a degree.

7- Allen School of Health Sciences

allen-schoolAs with other programs, at Allen School, students will learn medical terminology, computer skills, medical documentation evaluation – to name a few subjects. And, the students will have proper training necessary for a good career. 

ASHS also offers low student-teacher ratios to ensure that you are getting the proper attention you deserve as a student.

8- Grantham University

grantham_universityWith Grantham’s program, you will learn all the much needed skills for this profession. Besides, the students will be prepared for ICD-9 and ICD-10 exams.

Earn your degree in as little as 2 years while keeping your job” reads across their website homepage. Their accelerated learning program adapts to you so that you learn at your own pace. No one likes being rushed through an educational course and it usually leads to frustrating test scores. If you are seeking a more adaptive learning program, GU is one of the best in the medical coding and billing industry. 

9- San Joaquin Valley College

sjvcAt San Joaquin Valley College, students can earn a Medical Billing and Coding Certificate or an Associate of Science Degree. Furthermore, the students are trained to become workers for the administrative side of the healthcare field of study. After completing the program, they will be able to code, develop, submit and manage insurance claims. Even more, the graduates will be able to work in the medical industry, in hospitals, doctor’s offices, and other places.

If you dig the college social scene, SJVC offers a lot of events and clubs for you to get involved including:

  • American Lung Association
  • Cordova Sputum Bowl Team
  • American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC)
  • California Society for Respiratory Care (CSRC)
  • Alpha Beta Kappa and Lambda Beta Honor Societies
  • Diversity Committee
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology Post Board symposium
  • Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT) Fair

10- Regent University

regent-universityRegent’s BS in Healthcare Management program, is only offered online. Unlike other programs here, this one is more related to management rather than coding and billing specifically. In this program, the students will learn how to make decisions about healthcare, as managers.

Additionally, they will learn the fundamentals of this industry, as well as accounting, financing and informatics skills. Graduates will be able to find many career opportunities in Medical Services Administration, Community Health Management, among many.

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finishup11In the last couple of years, online learning has become more and more popular. Certainly there are a few differences between online and traditional learning methods, and each one has its pros and cons; however, even though it is relatively new, more people have become interested in it, or chose to get a degree through online learning.

And, many universities have started to offer online classes, and have a certain percentage of students who study via “distance” learning, as part of their educational revolution. Speaking of, here are the best colleges and universities that offer online learning:

1- Pennsylvania State University – World Campus

finishup12World Campus is the online campus of Penn State University. They offer more than 100 accredited programs which include both graduate and undergraduate degrees. Online students are taught by the same faculty members who teach at Penn State.

World Campus offers a wide range of courses from Business and Management, Education, to Technology and Sciences. In 2015, the University had the number one ranking among the best online bachelor’s programs, which says a lot about quality, wouldn’t you agree?

2- University of Florida – Distance Learning

finishup13This is Florida’s oldest university, and it is ranked among the top 20 Public Universities, according to their website. The online program offers five levels of degrees, plus three specialty degrees. Moreover, they have several international degree programs.

All of this, obviously, justifies its high rank among the best universities in the US. Another contributor to this is the excellent education it provides for its students. Online students have the same system support and services as the on-campus students. [click to continue…]


online-master-degreeGetting an online Master’s degree today has never been easier. With an influx in popularity of online degree programs, there are countless options to choose from. It’s important to seek out and identify the most influential variables that will guide your decision.

Some important variables to consider are: cost, industry demand, job placement rate, and difficulty/reputation.

If you’re considering going back to finish up college, or you are interested in furthering your education to open more career opportunities, here are four reasons to choose the route of an online Master’s degree.

1. It’s becoming more popular and affordable

Online degree programs have dramatically increased in popularity in the last few years. In fact, a mere 11% percent of students were reported to have been enrolled in an online course in 2002. (1)

Fast-forward a decade:

The Babson Survey Research Group conducted a study and discovered “[in 2013] 33% (or 7.1 million) of the 21.3 million students enrolled in higher education courses are enrolled in at least one online course.” (2) That enrollment number has only grown since.

It’s not a rumor…studies show that people with a Master’s degree earn more money. Check out how earnings have increased in the last 20 years in the education industry alone for those with a Master’s:


The increase in popularity of online Master’s degree programs has caused the industry to become more competitive.

Tuition rates across US have generally increased the last few decades. But that has not gone unnoticed…students complained and people listened. Online degree programs are working on lowering their tuition costs. More and more colleges are morphing into a new way of college tuition- charging by what you learn, rather than the time you spend in a classroom. [click to continue…]

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